Native Title

Native Title Determination

On 12th December 2011, Honourable Justice John Alfred Dowsett of the Federal Court said the price the Kalkadoon People had paid for the prosperity of the region would not be forgotten. Native Title was granted to the Kalkadoon People.

Through commitment and unity, and with the assistance of their anthropologists, lawyers, researchers, State of Queensland, Federal Court and Stakeholders, the Kalkadoon People demonstrated the depth and strength of their connection to this country.

Native Title was awarded 38,719 sq km of land in the North West Queensland bringing a sense of recognition and renewed cultural strength.

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“We have waited a long time for this day. This occasion means everything to us and to our Elders, who at last have the recognition of their ties to their country, to our own generation, who have the task of carrying the ongoing role of maintaining our culture and connection with the land, and to our children, who will learn from us the culture and spirituality of our country.”

The Native Title Holders are the Kalkadoon People. The Kalkadoon People are the Biological Descendants of the following people:

  • Lardie Roberts (aka Lardie Moonlight);
  • Dolly Prosser;
  • Kitty Frogg;
  • Annie Whip (mother of Martin Connelly (Snr));
  • Ida (aka Ada) Elston;
  • Leichardt Toby;
  • Rosie Waddibungera (mother of George Thorpe); 8
  • Willy Malcolm;
  • Nancy Daniels;
  • Fanny (Nellie) McLennan;
  • Nellie and Jimmy (parents of Topsy, Harry, Annie Sam and Jack Kippen);
  • Maggie Sautelle;
  • Daisy Barton (nee McLean);
  • Mundi MacDonald (aka King Mundie);
  • Charlie Caldwell (Snr);
  • Carbine;
  • Jimmy Rolleston and Louisa Muni (parents of Bessie Mowbray);
  • Gypsy Reid (aka Gypsy Ryan);
  • Nellie Monkira;
  • Polly Wilson (nee Hopkins) Marajundu;
  • Jack Elston;
  • Jessie Frogg (Snr);
  • Polly Alroy (aka Polly George);
  • Nobie Clay;
  • Spider;
  • Maryann (mother of Annie Reid and Eva Patterson);
  • Sophie MacDonald;
  • Julie (mother of Eulie and Lizzie Hickson); and
  • Bessie Ah Fat

The native title process is still integral to both the Kalkadoon People and the organisation. With several claims still undetermined we continue to work towards reconnecting the Kalkadoon People to their traditional lands.